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This is a bit personal, but I felt the need to write about this because I need to get my thoughts written down. Hopefully it will help me (or you if you’re struggling with this) to figure all of this out, or at least make me feel better about the situation.

It’s not really a bad situation per se but it’s difficult. It occupies a lot of my mind right now. I wrestle with “what ifs” all day and night. Thinking over the “what ifs” is like being trapped in a black hole that you can’t escape. Even telling myself that I should just forget those things and go with the flow and see what happens, there’s always a “what if” springing into my mind.

I’m currently in a situation where I am talking to and hanging out with a guy a lot, which is great, but we’re both unsure of whether we want it to go anywhere or not. I’m not even sure if I have real feelings for him. It’s the first time that we’ve both considered seriously dating someone and we’re both scared. I know that for me - I’m scared to hurt hi…

My Happy Place

This may sound odd, but I have a happy place in my mind where I go to when I’m having a bad day or doing something that is not all that great - ie. the dentist...

In my mind I have snapshots of moments in my life that were particularly special and times when I was extremely happy. One of the best memory snapshots is from a horse ride I went on. I was on a trail ride in the bush at Gympie, Queensland and the sun was starting to set. We came to this hill that had long grass that reached my knees and overlooked the entire valley with the sun setting. We cantered up this hill through the long grass and I remember looking across the valley and thinking that this moment was special. I was cantering on a gorgeous horse through long grass that shimmered in the sunset, catching a glimpse of the most stunning view... 

It should also be noted that horses are my favourite animal and I love riding. Riding a horse is one of the closest things you can get to complete freedom.

So if I’m feeling down, I …

Bedroom Tour

Hello internet friends!

I haven’t written a blog post in a while because of exams but I’m back and eager to get writing! Today’s blog post will take you on a bedroom tour and will reveal all of my special knick-knacks that encompass my relaxing place. However, first I thought I’d just give you a quick update on what’s been happening in my life recently.

So Friday was my last day at university for the year! Freedom!! In other news, I had an audition on Thursday 5th Dec for CATS the musical with Harvest Rain and I found out earlier this week that I got accepted! I’m going to be part of a youth ensemble of 500 people, singing, dancing and acting in the Convention and Exhibition Centre which is massive! Marina Prior will also be in the show and I’m so excited to have to opportunity to work with one of Brisbane’s most prestigious theatre companies. I have a bootcamp for the musical mid January and then rehearsals start at the end of April - which is so long away! I can’t wait to get started!…

Favourites Of The Nail Polish Variety

Hello internet friends!

I decided to share my current favourite nail polishes, so here is my first review! I shall try my best and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below!
Let’s get into it!

I’ll start by telling you what I’m currently wearing. I work in a takeaway store, so if I do have nail polish on it is usually a nude colour because technically I’m not supposed to wear any. So the colour I’m wearing on my fingernails at the moment is the Rimmel London Pro in 365 Beige Style. First of all, I’ll admit that they could have been more creative with the name. On the other hand, I adore Rimmel nail polishes. It is a drugstore product so it won’t blow your beauty budget and it is so easy to apply. The brushes are flat, so as you apply it, the brush fans out to the shape of your nail - easy! So especially for those of you who are a bit messy and too uncoordinated to apply nail polish like myself, I highly recommend Rimmel. 

In keeping with Rimmel nail polishes, I am also lov…


I went to Thailand in January 2013 with a christian aid agency called Compassion to learn more about their work in Thailand and to meet our church partner in Ban Piang Luang - which is very high in the mountains, close to the Myanmar border. I had the privilege of meeting many families, churches and Compassion staff, learning more about their struggles and their joys. I learn a lot about God and I saw and heard many miracles and many other things that broke my heart. 
At the start of this year as I was sitting in a tutorial at university (I study a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy) and one question the lecturer raised was, "As an OT working in a slum, what might you be able to do to optimise a child's occupations and participation? Who would you talk to?" To answer this she said that she would involve engineers to fix the smoke problem and governments to give them housing. But I don't think the answer is that simple... After my experiences in Thailand, my first though…

How to be a Professional Procrastinator

I mentioned in my first blog post that I am the queen of procrastination, so with all of my exams finally finished today, I thought I would share 20 tips on how to procrastinate.

1. Clean your room...the bathroom...the get the idea
2. Re-organise everything on your desk while telling yourself that you can't possibly do any study or assignments before everything is in its exact spot. 
3. Experiment with make-up
4. Try new hairstyles
5. Play with your cat
6. Paint your nails
7. Redo your nails because you decided you liked how they were before
8. Scroll through every social media account you have
9. Dance and sing
10. Read a book
11. Bake scrumptious treats to be your 'study snacks' (but who am I kidding, you're not going to study while eating those) 
12. Get sucked into the black hole of YouTube
13. Make puns about your exam content (a favourite pastime for the students in my cohort)
14. Daydream about what you're going to do in your holidays
15. Count down the hours…

My First Time

Hello internet friends! Continuing on from yesterday’s blog post, I thought I would share some of my ‘firsts’ with you. This is also inspired by the beautiful Sprinkle of Glitter - Louise’s YouTube channel who started the My First Time Tag, so go check her out!
My First Kiss To be honest, I’ve never actually been kissed. There have been some strange almost-kiss encounters though...  One of these stories involves drama class, a boy and a probably know where this is going. In a drama class in grade 12, we were playing a game where the person in the middle had to think of something that someone may have done or their opinion on something. If you agreed, you had to stand up from your chair and race to get someone else’s chair, and the person left in the middle without a chair has to think of the next statement. Well it so happened that someone asked who had never been I get up along with two other girls. Talk about awkward…

First Things First

Hello wonderful internet friends!
My first blog post...well here we go! I'm making this up as I go along, so bear with me!

I was reminiscing about my old blog (which I've now conveniently forgotten the password to) and decided to read the 5 posts that I made when I was 16. It's if you feel like having a laugh. Ah the good old school days... Anyway, it made me realise how much I miss writing and sharing my feelings and opinions with others - even if that just ends up being my future self procrastinating study by reminiscing about my old blog posts. That being said, hello future Holly! Hope your life is going splendidly - is that even a word? I hope so, it sounds cute...
Where was I? 
Oh yes...
Well I'll get this blog up and running by telling you a few little things about myself and pray that it's not too boring!

1. I think I have a serious addiction to YouTube (honestly, there should be a 'YouTuber's Anonymous' club)