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Chasing Dreams

Hello my dear internet friends!

This topic has been on my mind for quite some time so I thought I'd share it with you and hear your thoughts. In short, this topic is: Follow Your Dreams! 

I've just been thinking that it is so sad that there are people in this world who don't or can't fulfil their dreams and do what they love. I have a lot of dreams of what I want to do in my lifetime and I am going to try my best to make those things happen. I'm already studying the course that I need to be an Occupational Therapist (which is my ideal career), and I am pursuing my hobby of musical theatre. I am so lucky to have the opportunities that I have had in the past and the ones that may come in the future. Everything happens for a reason and I think we all learn from our past experiences and these experiences shape who we are and may even change our dreams and plans. 

It's interesting even just looking back at the past seven years and seeing how my life has changed, the th…